9 Beet Stretch 2.0 Fundraiser

We made it! Welcome!

To launch this project, we are creating a fundraiser campaign that will help our artists during these peculiar times. There are no commissions or fees for the artists, they will receive 95% of any money collected from the sales of their products. This project was created with you, our supporters in mind, but also, to help our artists.

Our campaign will feature special offers, unique merchandise, and unreleased recordings, montages, and products. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to purchase recordings that have been long out of print and new productions specially created for this Kickstarter campaign. You will be notified when the time comes. This is a unique opportunity to own one of the most significant recordings in audio research created in recent times.


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9 Beet Stretch (Original version)

The iconic piece created by Leif Inge lasting an amazing 24 hours.  This piece has been performed by several very important orchestras around the world, until now, this amazing recording has been unavailable.  This 24-hour iconic piece will be presented on a USB/UDP high capacity/solid-state chip / READ MORE

9 Beet Stretch 2.0: Meta Tones Et Symphonia Extenta

The 9 Beet Stretch 2.0: Meta Tones Et Symphonia Extenta is an exploration of the properties of time and acoustics. It is about the design and construction of sound structures built according to the law of chance. It is also about time transformation, musicology, and acoustics. It pushes existing boundaries and genre definitions. This 24 hour-long piece will be presented on a USB/UDP high capacity/solid-state chip / READ MORE

9 Beet Stretch 2.0: Meta Tones Et Symphonia Compacta

The 9 Beet Stretch 2.0: Meta Tones Et Symphonia Compacta (78 minutes long) is a mix that reduces 24 hours of audio created by each artist to 78 minutes with the best passages from every artist’s segment / READ MORE

9 Beet Stretch 2.0: Meta Tones AURAL ANNEX

(77 minutes long) This CD contains UNRELEASED tracks by all participants including the fantastic Takarrur (Recurrence Theorem) by Adi Newton, Dead Bell by Michael Esposito, and Móin-Mór by Manuel Rocha / READ MORE

Step into our aural labyrinth, you are welcomed.

The Labyrinth of Solitude is a powerful journey through the unbearable lightness of being by Mauricio Reyes with the assistance of Adi Newton. This powerful sound research project is over 2 hours long!!  It has been constructed with archival recordings of poems in the voice of their author for the very first time since 1969!  READ MORE

“Five Permutations of Clear Ghosts Forever” by Mykel Boyd

Each Permutation consists of one 5” x 5” photograph on metallic paper and one CD-R Soundtrack. There is a total of 5 “Permutations” / READ MORE

SOLE By Adi Newton

This incredible box features 10 unreleased tracks and the very rare book AN ASSEMBLAGE OF REFLECTIONS.  This box comes with a USB card which includes all uncompressed tracks as WAV files, postcards, and a T-Shirt / READ MORE

Line Spectrum – Acousmatic

Acousmatic.  As the title suggests, this extraordinary recording uses special sound spatialization techniques for extreme aural pleasure. Limited edition of 10 copies! READ MORE

Dinsdag By Freiband

This fantastic piece is unreleased. It will be available for the first time from Frans De Waard’s personal audio archives. This recording is a limited edition of 10 copies! READ MORE

Esposito/Hausswolff – The Ghosts of Effingham

ONLY TWO COPIES! World’s first glow-in-dark cylinder phonograph record produced by Vulcan Records, Sheffield England. “Electronic voice phenomena” from Michael Esposito’s family farm (est 1927).  The original was strictly limited to 150 copies READ MORE

Aleister Crowley : Self-Portrait

Aleister Crowley : Self-Portrait , Fine Art Print. Limited to 666 hand-numbered copies. This is an exact facsimile reproduction of the original painting created by Aleister Crowley in the year 1918 e.v. SCARCE!! Published by Baphomet 93  READ MORE


This extraordinary set is the synthesis-sequel of the other successful sound research projects “Teste Tones.” Meontological Research Recording 03 – Transmission from the Trans Yuggothian Broadcast Station is the very anticipated project that was years in the making. Adi Newton worked with Rizosfera in Italy to produce a fantastic book with years of research in the field of Pataphysics and Psychoacoustics. The result is an amazing book and USB/UDP card with all the various tracks in uncompressed format.    READ MORE


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