Welcome to our Supporters page!

This project is the result of months and months of planning and hard work. Some of the artists managed to sell some of their merchandise. Soon we will have a SALE to find good homes for some of the remaining merchandise. To all of those who made a purchase or made a kind donation: We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your interest and support!

We want to thank specially the following supporters:


These are the majority of our awesome supporters.  THANK YOU!!

Joseph Ahmed
Chris Christian
Winfried Kramer
Michael Golla
Robert Schaad
Ted Ringleheim
Michael Quinn
Paul Walsh
Geir Yven
Stephen Rhoney
Stephen Milne
Darren Norton
James Lechner
Alexander Prill
Robert Schaad
Sacha Bonaffini
RJA Meere
Ronald Daily
Jeff Chenault
Reed Brown
Kenn Kirby
Karen Holtzman
Paul McDade
Jordan Perry
Andrew Nason
Donato Folino
Kevin Wienke

Juergen Heeger
Thierry Charollais
John Ironmonger
Martin Graf
Marco Topf
Gabriel Edvy
Brian Hundley
Arild Stromsvag
Phil Crowther
Nicolas Pierroz
James Mason
Matrix Pro Audio
Doug Wittner
James Pyke
Kim Marks
Alan Kostrencic
Alexander Prill
Erik Sluijter
David King
Carsten Bolte
John Pinkerton
Ralf Meinig
Henk Zweering
Alan Drehmel
Alan Blahut
Maarten Schermer
Claus laufenburg

Marco Rubens
Jan Munkvad
Markus Schroeder
Angelo Salvarani
James Cessaro
Lars Schmiedeberg
Bryan Saunders
Sebastian Stebe
Simone Sartoreto
Helge Paulsen
Tim Bayes
Ricky Wilson
doug Wittner
Stathis Paraskevopoulos

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