Almost there! – 9 Beet Stretch 2.0: Meta Tones

What are the latest news about the project?

All of the movements for this symphony are finished!

Our Sound engineer Jac Beloeil is working on the mastering

The booklets and packaging are being designed

We are getting quotes for the digital media (USB-UDP chips)

The content for the booklet is being developed

The presentation materials are being ordered

Each artist is submitting their final technical notes

We are gathering the materials for the fundraiser

We want to thank you for your interest!

This has been an extraordinary project for all of us. We are ONLY HUMAN, things happen that are a little out of our control.  The marketing materials and presentation are being created.  The goal is NOT to keep anyone waiting once they have participated in the fundraiser.  COVID has affected everyone’s lives and careers, we hope you will participate in our fundraiser.

The Kickstarter campaign is being developed NOW

So, please stay tuned.  Aso soon as possible I will start a count-down to the fundraiser.  Everyone on the mailing list will be notified FIRST of any special offers. If there are freebies, and bonuses you will know before anyone else. If you haven’t done so, SUBSCRIBE!

Please tell your friends, support, and endorse our project!


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