“Five Permutations of Clear Ghosts Forever” by Mykel Boyd

An inner trip to the depths of the subconscious utilizing a harmonious fusion of print and sound

Carefully crafted by sound and visual artist Mykel Boyd, “Five Permutations of Clear Ghosts Forever” is an exquisite journey to the depths of the subconscious. A set of 5 beautiful images are printed onto metallic paper, each one comes with an original soundtrack. VERY LIMITED EDITION!

Mykel Boyd states: “I like forming systems to make compositions and then changing the systems. I enjoy changing the gear out as a whole. My only steady instruments are mics and a mixer. ALL my compositions are research projects. There are of course many influences. Most of what inspires my audio work is photography and literature. The easiest answers would be Poe, Lovecraft, Gysin, Burroughs, Camus, Francesca Woodman, and Dieter Appelt..”

Available during our fundraiser. Get your copy, it is a very limited edition!

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