9 Beet Stretch 2.0: Meta Tones AURAL ANNEX

This exclusive CD features unreleased tracks and sound research experiments by all 9 Beet 2.0 participants.  A MUST have!

This very rare CD features extraordinary tracks that have never been released by all our participant musicians. This CD will be offered to our endorsers and backers during our Kickstarter campaign. These works were produced as solo works or as part of albums in progress. Other tracks such as Neural Network, were specially created for this project. The beautiful and hypnotic “Orion” gives you a glimpse of the diverse capabilities of our musicians.

An extraordinary vault of unreleased material

1 – Carl Michael Von Hausswolff – Someone Sleeping In The Garden Stepping Over The Protection Wall
2 – Oleg Puzan – Orion
3 – Freiband – 051020
4 – Leif Inge – Silencers
5 – Jacques Beloeil – Let There Be War

6 – Manuel Rocha Iturbide – Móin-Mór
7 – Mykel Boyd – Water Map Two
8 – Mauricio Reyes – Neural Network
9 – Michael Esposito – Dead Bell
10 – Adi Newton – Takarrur (Recurrence Theorem)
11 – John Duncan – Melancholy Serenade

Endorsers and Backers Welcomed!

Some of these wonderful objects have been designed but need to be produced. We need your support to bring these to life. We invite anyone interested to back this fascinating project so we can make this unprecedented recording available for the masses. We thank you in advance!